Everyone business needs to profit, to remain viable in the marketplace. So, why are some businesses profiting and others aren’t?

This question can have multiple answers, but I will only address a few.

Some business owners are great “Creatives”, which means that they can create great products and services, but they do not know how to deliver to generate profit.

Some of us are brilliant minds, and are great innovators in our craft; but we just want to live inside of our head instead of getting in front of the clients and presenting the solution to the problem and asking for the sale.

I’ve been guilty of living in my head, and not stretching myself to really be of service and it has resulted in very little profit.

The person that can close the sale may not be as creative, but they know how to hook the fish and reel the fish in to be cooked. Hopefully, the analogy brings some clarity!

It is not enough to be able to assemble the fishing pole. It is not enough to reel it into the water. We must get our prospective clients to take the bait, bite the hook, and reel them in, and be able to capture a photographic testimonial of the success.

Some of us have great products and services, but we do not know how to package, present, deliver, and ship it off properly to land the sell! We must not only have confident in our ability to create, but also in are ability to deliver, and add value to our prospective clients. Here are some steps that can be taken.

  1. Define your ideal clients.
  2. Clarify how your product or service provides a solution.
  3. Develop a consistent, clear, marketing strategy (i.e. networking, social media, workshops, webinars, etc.).
  4. Develop an effective funnel that compels the client to take action.

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