Sometimes we downplay what God has placed in our hands. I have been writing for years, and now my first book is almost ready for publishing. I had resigned the talent for writing as insufficient, and now I believe that it is the tool that holds the potential to unlock closed doors of opportunities. I am beginning to see the value in sharing the information that God has birthed in my heart.

For years, I’ve allowed others to discount what God has given me, and taken for granted the investment of knowledge. I thought school was a waste of time, because it did not render the preconceived outcomes of corporate prestige or success. Yet, school has caused me to think deeper, to dig for answers, and create solutions. I’ve looked at others, and asked “Why not me?” I have felt limited in my ability to live out God’s purposes for my life.

I no longer hide in obscurity but today I trust more than ever that his plan is greater, better, and masterfully conceived. I acknowledge my thankfulness for God allowing me to think deeper, for downloading information in my spirit, that will help to equip people in life and business. I choice to no longer take for granted the voice he has given me. I no longer take for granted the deposits he has made on the inside of me. Although I do not have a crystal ball, I trust that he is guiding my every step along the way. I acknowledge his goodness, and thank him for each day teaching me how to walk in his way, and in his wisdom.

I make mistakes, I sometimes feel out of sorts, unworthy, unqualified, and ill-equipped to articulate the thoughts that are constantly in my head. I am wired differently in the way I think, but he uses that to show forth his goodness. I’ve been known to follow the beat of my own drum, but the truth is I am just wired differently. Sometimes crowds of people frighten and exhaust me. I tend to live in my head. I love to create, to dream, and solve complex problems.

Embrace your uniqueness, and do not look at it as insufficient or inadequate, or discount its value. God has made you and me unique and he wants to use that uniqueness in unorthodox ways to advance his purpose. Embrace Who You Are? Own your uniqueness, and do not fight against the wiring he has housed in you.


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