Just because you’ve made some bad decisions or mistakes in the past does not mean you should devalue your worth. When you begin to love yourself better, you will demand more from life, and begin to require others to love you at a higher level.

Stop settling for scraps, and start see yourself as a valuable treasure.

Why do you insist on neglecting yourself? Why do you allow other people to use, manipulate, and abuse you? Has your gem become tarnished, because of lives sorrows and disappointments? Have you lost hope in you life ever becoming better? Have you resigned yourself to a “things will never change, or get better mentality?

It is time for you to remove the grave clothes, and put on some new attire.

It is time, for you to stand in the mirror and denounce low self-worth, and ask God to restore and replenish your confidence.

It is time for you to take self-inventory and discard the things, people, thoughts that have caused you to wallow in self-hatred and low self-esteem.

It is time for you to rediscover what makes you happy, and do more of what makes you happy to change your thoughts and rebuild your self love again.

  • Begin by being honest with yourself about what is causing you unhappiness.
  • Commit to rediscovering the joys of life.
  • Reconnect with the ultimate source of love, for God is love and as that love is shed abroad in our hearts it causes us to understand our true value and better care for ourselves and others.
  • Implement regimens into your life that will help to cultuvate a better you on a daily basis.

You are not the sum of your past mistakes, failures, or disappointments You Are Enough! You Deserve Goodness! So start treating yourself with better care.

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