Sometimes it is difficult to move on!

It can be difficult to move on after a heartbreak. It can be difficult to move on after the loss of a loved one. It can be difficult to move on after a job loss, miscarriage, or divorce. It can be difficult to deviate from your old ways, and old affiliations embrace a new way of being. There are times that we may feel as if we will never recover or regain our bearings.

We may not be able to comprehend the possibility, of ever loving again. We may not be able to fathom the possibility of beginning again. It takes courage to muster the strength to forge ahead in hope and anticipation of a better horizon. The truth is that a lot of times after we have let go, we remain stuck, we remain stunned, or remain paralyzed unable to really to grasp hold to the next phase of our life.

If you have ever had to move from one location to another location, you probably understand how tedious the process is. You have to pack things up, label boxes, clean up the old and new place; and you have to unpack, put away, and determine what items stay, and which items go. Moving is an exhausting process, but it is also a natural transition in the experience of growth. Moving on is a natural progression of life. Moving on allows you embrace the newness that God wants to release into your life.

Move on, and let go of the deadweight,  or it will absolve you of the inhabited beauties and joys God has awaiting for your life.

In order for you to experience the newness you desire, the de-cluttering, re-shifting, re-labeling of things is a necessary nuisance. Re-shifting requires the things in your house to be re-arranged. Maybe you need to rearrange some destructive habits or behaviors that are preventing you from experiencing true contentment and success. Maybe you need to relabel or re-categorize some things, and determine what really is a priority in your life. Maybe you need to de-clutter some things in your life. De-cluttering, requires you to tear things apart, and determine if the items, people, things fit where you are going,  need to be given to someone else, or thrown away.

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