Excerpt from forthcoming book entitled, “Don’t Waste Another Day: Begin to Live Again”

 “So let us come boldly to the throne of our gracious God. There we will receive his mercy, and we will find grace to help us when we need it most (Hebrews 4:16).”

 Everything does not have to be perfect. To God are imperfections are not barriers or road blocks, just reminders of our need for him. God has a way of making beauty out of ashes. Ecclesiastes tells us in 3:11, “that God makes everything beautiful in his time.”

Our weaknesses become strength in and through him as we walk more and more by his grace. God has equipped us with everything we need to perform the tasks and assignments he has placed in our hands. He has instinctively given us what we need to be the wife, mother, friend, prayer warrior or leader that we need to be, and he continues to pour out his grace which enables us to enjoy the journey, embrace the challenges, and opposition which may arise along our journey.

“We do not have to be perfect; we just need to be willing to become better every step of the way”

There will be failures, mistakes, mishaps, and uncontrollable situations in our life. We must not wallow in self-defeat or start to self-loath but receive God’s grace, and know that he has empowered us and equipped us with everything we need.

We don’t have to have all the answers or solutions; we just need to rely on his wisdom and guidance. We do this by asking, “Lord give me strength and give me wisdom”, help me to better manage my priorities, help me to focus on what is importance, and not harp on the little things that come to irritate and frustrate me in this journey of life. Help me to receive your grace, and let the small insignificant things go. Help me not to judge myself or others too harshly, or hold-fast to unreasonable standards. Help us not to lose sleep as a result of being overworked and overly exhausted. Help us to rest in your presence knowing that mercy is always present, and it your grace is sufficient to bridge the gaps were we may be lacking and wherein things are outside of our sphere of control. Help us to rest, in the assurance that you are with us, and are there to lead and guide us even when life gets hectic.

The dishes may not get put away today, but it can wait until tomorrow. Today, it may be important to spend time with family rather than get so entangled with the tasks of house-cleaning that we forfeit making the most of the time we have to sow into other peoples’ lives. We know that tasks must be managed so that we can be effective, but sometimes we have to let go of what we think is relevant and embrace what really is important and what really matters today. Give yourself grace! No one said that you had to have it altogether all of the time. Sometimes the house will be messy, because the kids are little and they are constantly spilling juice, playing with toys, and just getting into everything. Sometimes we need to give ourselves permission to take the time and roll  around on the floor with our children or grandchildren and just enjoy the moment and not gripe over what has not yet gotten done.

It’s okay to go to sleep with dishes in the sink, after an exhausting day at work in favor of the rest your body desperately needs. It is okay to delegate, what you usually would do yourself, to someone else, since you do not have the time to do everything.

God gives us grace, and he continues to extend more and more as he stretches us and grows us to the next level to full the purpose he has for our lives. You will burnout if you try to take on to many things at once. You will lose the fizz or zest if you try to control everything all of the time, when you know you are overworked and need to rest, take a vacation, or spa day to unwind and disconnect to come back recharged and ready to reconnect.


Lord help us to be brave, to be bold, and to be courageous. Help us to rely on your grace, and receive it even the more when things in our life began to become hectic and overwhelming and beyond our control. It is in those times that we are over-burdened that we will trust your grace which is a gift that has saved us and which continues to strengthen us allowing and empowering us to go further and achieve more in our personal, professional, and spiritual lives. We are so thankful for your grace which is all-sufficient. Help us to rely on your grace, and to treat it as our most precious commodity, which demonstrates your mercy even in the midst of our imperfections.


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