Over the weekend my heart was stirred as I set in the presence of an awesome leader, who encouraged the leadership team at our church to become inflamed by the mission of Christ.

What stirs your heart? What sets your heart on fire?

Do you just sum it up as a good time, or are you moved into position or into action?

Recently I’ve made a point to say “Yes” to activities outside of the work place, to build up my motivation and reignite my passion amidst all of the departmental and company changes. When fire fuels me, my heart is stirred to a place of unrest and new ideas are birthed. There use to be a time, when it seemed as if an inspired moment was fleeting, but now my heart is set ablaze, and I am propelled to act on the stirring that occurs in my heart.  I am inspired to become better, do to more, to stand face to face with my fear, and to embrace the unknown in hopes of change, in hopes of serving others more authentically, and in a deeper way.

What inspires you?

You have to tap into whatever ignites your fire, and whatever it is that causes your creative and innovative juices to flow.

How do you recharge?

How do you re-boot?

There is something about passion, that is contagious, and when you come in contact with others that are Fired Up you become consumed with passion, and fervor that resonates with the passion planted in your heart.

Are you FIRED UP?

What do you need to stir up the fire already hidden within you?

One way you can become Fired Up is by reconnecting with those things that bring fulfillment into your life. Do you get fulfilled by serving others? Where do you get your sense of satisfaction and fulfillment from? Have you become disconnected from your dreams, goals, or passion?

I encourage you, to look within, to dream again, to hope again, reconnect with, and begin to nurture your passion. When you feed your passion it will grow, and lead you to your purpose. 

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