Have you ever tried to muster something up? Or tried to put on a persona that was not true to who you are? Have you ever tried to make everyone else happy? Do you ever feel like you are straying away from the authentic you? Whether in business or in your personal life, you must learn to be true to your unique form.

I know exactly where you are, because it took me years to be comfortable in my own skin. I was so busy trying to please people, so busy trying to fit in that I almost lost myself.  I had to stop trying and just be confident in who Christ made me to be. He has fashioned me, wired me, to be of use in furthering his work. There are still days, I wrestle with this dilemma but every day as I walk in faith, I become more and more confident in the voice he has given me. I’ve learned that, when I let go of the reigns, he takes the reigns, and leads me in the right direction. I’ve also discovered that true identity, contentment, and confidence are found in him.

 Every day I am becoming clearer on the purpose he has destined for me. The more I lean on Christ, to guide me in my business affairs, as a wife, as a mother, me as a teacher of the gospel; I become more confident in my ability to fulfil the assignments he has given me.

“God confirms and validates who we are”

If you live un-authentically you will begin to become a fabricated version of who you were meant to be. Don’t be afraid to be who God has created you to be. While God continues to mold and refine us in areas of our life, he wants to use our different personalities, quirks, experiences, and stories to impact different people and influence the marketplace.

You may feel misunderstood. You may feel as if you do not fit in with the in-crowd. Do not be discouraged. I want you to know you don’t have to fit the status quo or corporate mold to know your worth or value. God uses out-of-the box people to impact the world, and to be rays of hope & light.

Sometimes we are so consumed with trying to make the right connections, get the right exposure that we forget how to just be? Be yourself. Be Organic. Be who God has created you to be. Be creative. Be innovative. Be unapologetic. Be grateful. Be Humble.

Most of all stop trying and just be! If you still have to try hard, you may still be struggling to define who you are.  Allow God to use the ideas, the knowledge, the insight he has placed within you. He wants to use what he has placed in your hand, as an extension of his grace. God knows where to position you and who to connect you with.  Keep showing up and rest in being! You are wonderfully and uniquely crafted. He has made you to stand out from the crowd, to walk a narrow path to experience abundance and contentment.

Here are some key takeaways on How to Stop Trying and Just Be! Confident & Content:

 1. Celebrate your Quirks

Stop hiding the part of your personality that you despise, instead allow God to use the oddities in your life.

2. Champion your attributes.

Do not be afraid to shine! Use the God-given talent and abilities to serve and make a difference.

3.  Channel your faith and feed your confidence

The more you allow faith to be your compass, the more confident you will be as you endeavor to grow in your personal life or business.

4. Cultivate your connections

Evaluate the relationships in your life, and determine if they encourage positive and progressive growth personally, professionally, emotionally, spiritually, and mentally.


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