What you are trying to achieve may seem out of reach.

The vision brewing in your heart may seem so mind-boggling. There may be days when you feel as if there is no way it’s ever going to come together. There maybe days that you feel like quitting, because of the road blocks, barriers, and all of the red tape.

  • It’s during these times that you have to remember, why you got started.
  • It’s during these times you need to visualize the desired outcome, and see yourself at the finished line.
  • It’s during these times that you need to believe and be confident in the dream, idea, or vision that God has given you. Know that God will complete the work that he started within you.

“Believe that what God has implanted on the inside of you will take root, flourish, and produce a plentiful harvest.”

Believe that the fruit produced will enhance and nourish those that come into contact with you. Believe and continue to act in faith, and do not abandon the promise in the middle of the process of building and planting.

Stay the course, and witness an abundance of harvest.

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