So often we wallow over the mistakes we made. We resign ourselves to the it’s too late syndrome. We must grasp a hold of our hope and cease the day with expectation. There is nothing wrong with remembering the good ol days, but it’s important not to dwell and stare back too long.

We must not forget that today holds new horizons, new beginnings, and undiscovered treasures.

“Today should not be wasted, in pursuit of a past that can never be regained.”

  • We must look up with expectation that adverse situations and circumstances will get better.
  • We must look up and recognize that our help comes from the almighty, all-powerful, knowing one.
  • We must look again, when doubt, fear, insecurity, anxiety, and worry blurs our eyesight.

“We don’t look back, we look forward to hope again.”

It’s important to learn from every season of life, and grasp a hold of faith, believing in great outcomes, and expecting great results. Looking back can cause us not to embrace the present. If we are not careful we can began to fabricate a glorious past laced with land mines meant for our destruction and forget that we were rescued by grace.

Some things in the past should be buried and put to rest, so that we can experience the new birth of life, fullness of joy, and peaceful assurance and hope that produces the substance of faith.

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