There is no shortage of problems. Most often if we look hard enough, we can find something to complain about, or come up with some excuse to quit or give up.

The most difficult thing to do is focus on the reasons versus the excuses. We have to intentionally look for solutions, instead of dwelling on the problems.

If we are going to solve any of our problems, we have to identify the things that drive us and motivate us to keep going. Our attention has to transition away from the urge to throw in the towel or quit prematurely.

What is your Reason? Why did you get started? What is your driving force? Why did you develop the product or service? Why did you write the book? Why do you want to speak? Sometimes we get so lost in the specifics, how-to, and goal-setting, and lose sight of our Reason.

“Your reason points you to Why, and your Why will drive you further than the What and How.”

Sometimes we do not know How or What, but we have a reason that drives us to make it happen. We have the reason to drive us beyond the pain points that may arise.

I love the SMART goal tool, but I believe it speaks more to the What and How of goal-setting and a lot of people lose steam in racing to accomplish their goals because they lose sight of Why. I think we have to focus on setting R.E.A.L goals than S.M.A.R.T goals. What is your Reason, Do you have the right tools to be able to give the goal the necessary Effort? Do you have what it takes, the Ability?, and What is the Length of time? Is it short-term, long-term, or a lifelong timeframe?

Let me ask you, what is your Why? What drives you to keep going?

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