Sometimes late at night, after the kids are fast a sleep. Restlessness tries to take hold of me, rendering me depleted, and exhausted. My mind begins to race, as I replay the day, or become overwhelmed with all the task still yet to be done.

When life becomes hectic and too noisy, I seek refugee in a quiet place.  I escape in solitude to a quiet place, where my heart can unload and wait to hear God speak. It’s in the quiet place that he speaks, and  reassures me that he is with me every step of the way. In his presence the weight of life becomes lighter, my spirit is rejuvenated, and strengthened.

Restlessness is often a sign, that there needs to be a refreshing which can only be found in God’s presence.

Sometimes we can become heavy burdened with the affairs of life.  I am so thankful for the access which is granted through Christ. His presence is to be treasured. Often it seems mystical, or mysterious but it’s not. We have been granted access into the king’s court, to fellowship, commune; and through supplication and prayer present our requests or concerns to him. Jesus the sovereign king, cares about us. He takes time to listen, direct, comfort, lead, guide, and empower us.

When I am restless, I cry out to him and He calms the warring within.

He reassures me, and gives me peace and puts people on my heart to pray for. When I am restless sometimes I just sit silently, leaning back into his embrace. It’s too heavy for me, but the reassurance is that I never have to carry this life alone.

It’s in the quiet moments, alone with him that I experience serenity and divine rest. He is the antidote for my restless soul.

Where is your quiet place? Where do you find rest?



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