Are you reverting back to the things that are familiar, comfortable, or easy?

Oftentimes, I find that God challenges us to do hard things, the things that are beyond our comprehension, the things that we feel unequipped; or incapable of doing. The good thing is that we do not have to rely entirely on our own strength or ability .

What is it that he is asking you to do, that you are reluctant or even resistant in doing?

There is a tendency in the middle of growing pains, to want to go back to the old ways of doing things, or back to those destructive patterns that caused your life hardship, heartache, and chaos.

Sometimes, we get impatient in the process right on the cusps of our breakthrough.

“If we are not careful, we will begin to return to the very things that prevented us from going forward.”

What are you really rejecting?

Is it possible that God wants you to trust his plan, over the agenda that you had for your life?

Is it possible that in the wilderness of your life, he is trying to get you to trust and depend on him more?

Is it possible that he is preparing your heart to possess the promise?

Is it possible that he wants you to desire him more, than the pleasures of your belly?

“It’s easier to revert back, then it is to move forward” 

How to Change Your Default?:

  1. Eradicate the execuses that continue to hold you back.
  2. Declare and pursue victory through faith, even in the face of fear.
  3. Resolve not to return to the enslavement of your past.

Know that God has brought you out into a wealthy place, and refuse to return to the poverty of your past. God makes our life fruitful, plentiful, and purposeful. Do not reject or return his goodness with ungratfulness.

What are you willing to leave behind, so that YOU can go forward?

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