Do you want to live in peace or prison?

Metaphorically speaking, prison does not just consist of steel bars, a cot, and three hot meals. Prison is anything that causes you to be limited, confined, suffocated, or stifled. There are a lot of people who are physically breathing but not truly enjoying life.

It’s possible to see the rose bloom, and not fully embrace its beauty. 

Life is fragile.

The time we waste can not be recovered, but we can make the most of the time that still remains.

The abuse you suffered cannot be undone. The childhood you lost cannot be found. But today can be better than yesterday, and forgiveness can help us get to the other side and experience peace and joy.

Why allow others to live free, while you live bound?

Why do you insist on being locked in the past, and so afraid to embrace a better future?

  • The grudge your holding is causing you to waste time.
  • The resentment you have is stifling your growth and progress.
  • The anger you have is causing you to live on edge and walk around like a ticking time-bomb.
  • The unwillingness to forgive the offence is holding you back.

If you feel like something is blocking you, really search your heart and be honest, and expose those feelings you’ve been harboring. Be willing to do the necessary work, so that you can go free and live in peace.

Forgiveness is not a free pass for the offence; it is a choice to live in peace instead of prision.

When you forgive, you are choosing to live a full life, that is not bound by the offenses committed against you.

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