It does not matter what you are facing, or what you are trying to achieve, or how big the obstacle, you gotta begin to believe that greatness lives on the inside of you. It is because of the greatness on the inside of you, that you have the ability to overcome and conquer.

Sometimes we equate success or the achievement of goals with status, intelligence, or birthright. The truth is many have being able to overcome the odds that were against them, when they changed their belief system. Not only was there a shift of the belief system, it was also changing their behavior, and aligning those behaviors, and putting certain disciplines in place that enable the completion or attainment of the desired goals.

A lot of times, we allow self-defeating thoughts to replay like a broken record in or minds. Self-defeating thoughts impede progress in our lives. Self-defeating thoughts influence our actions and behaviors in a negative manner yielding a poor return of investment.

If we are going to see our dreams, goals, or aspirations realized we must begin to set R.E.A.L. goals.


We have to know “why” we are pursuing certain goals.

Our “why” will drive us further than our “What” and “How.”

It’s Our “why” that will motivate us to get out of the bed in the morning, tired, exhausted, and groggy. We may not know all of the in’s and out’s of how everything will get done but the “why” is what keeps is going.


Anytime we are trying to achieve a goal, build a business, or make a change, it will require effort.

Energy follows effort

In order, to really put forth the right amount of effort to really make it happen, we will need the right tools, resources, support system, and equipment. It is in this phase, that ask and begin to understand–What Is Required? What is required to achieve this goal? Really what do I need, to accomplish this task? Do I have everything I need?


At this stage, we assess our ability, habits, disciplines, skills, education, and talent. It is at this stage that we anticipate potential obstacles, and we enact a plan to achieve or goal, and we commit to work our plan, and put certain practices in place to ensure we reach our goal.

L-length of time

There are times when we must set a time schedule, to finish or achieve the goals we are striving to obtain. It is so important that we define our time commitment. The dilemma we face when setting goals, is not accurately assessing the time commitment. A lot of times we make what should be a lifelong change a short-term goal. Its at this stage that we have to be clear as “what” we are really trying to accomplish. Some goals will be defined as short-term, long-term, or lifelong goals.

For example, eating right, exercising, and being health really is a lifelong discipline. Learning is a lifelong discipline.

It is so important that we  do not set goals with just an intention of checking off accomplishments, but set goals with the intention of incorporating things in our lives that will be beneficial over the longhaul.

Keep going! It’s time for you to get clear, to set REAL goals and act on your beliefs, and crush your goals. It’s time for you to incorporate habits and disciplines in your life that are going to not just benefit fit you right now, but for the years to come.



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