Are we viewing rejection wrong? Could it be that our perception, about the perceived rejection needs to change? Consider for a moment that, maybe it was not the right timing for the opportunity; maybe you need to become clear on your mission or your goals, maybe there is something better than what you are aiming for.

Everyone has experienced some form of rejection, either in their career, relationship, or business. Rejection sucks! It leaves us feeling like some of our needs are not getting met, and it can cause us to question our value or self-worth. We bounce back, by refusing to allow rejection, or our perception of rejection to serve as a deterrent, instead we will choose to view a closed door, as preparation for the open door.

A closed door is, preparation for the open door.

Allow the feelings of rejection, to stir your passion and your drive to push even more to obtain your desired outcomes. Refuse to shrink back in obscurity, or revisit the place where you once were un-confident and intimidated to pursue what has been birthed down deep into your heart.

Do not allow the negative emotions of rejection; dictate to your worth, your ability, or your potential. You have to fight for your dreams, and refuse to remain knocked-out. It is time for you to bounce back!

  1. Get clear on your goals, and do not settle for less than you know you are worth.
  2. Start making positive declarations to change your mindset. Start with the following declaration:

“I am qualified and equipped for the role, the relationship, and the resources that I am pursuing. I know my worth and will no longer settle for a mediocre existence, for being average, or for being counted or considered as subpar. Rejection will serve to propel me closer towards my goals, and I believe the right opportunities will present themselves to me. The “no’s” are preparing me for exponential success.”

  1. Refuse to quit and stay persistent, keep striking until you hit the target.

Persistence is the key to reaching your goals, and living your dreams.

There will be moments that you will question and become frustrated with the process. There will be moments when you want to give up and quit. You will question whether you have what it takes or if you have what it takes. Persist even the more, when you want to quit, because the mission is not a selfish pursuit it is fuel to not only build a better you but a better future for your family. The pursuit is about serving a higher purpose than yourself, and living more freely to serve society and make a difference.

When the purpose is not just about you, but about serving it does not matter how much opposition you face it will be that difference you can make that drives you past the opposition, to the fulfilment of your greatest purpose.

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