Asking for help is not a sign that you are weak. Offering help does not mean that you have all the answers.

When someone offers to help, they are actually offering hope.

We all have human frailties, and there are times that a cry for “Help” is a cry for change or support. Seeking the support you need is the wisest form of wisdom.

Allowing others to offer you a helping hand, lightens the load and allows an individual or organization to endure some of the unexpected tantrums of storms that life or the market may bring. The word “Help” is often laced with a negative connotation, of weakness, irresponsibility, lack of self-sufficiency, and dependency.

I teach my son to try first and if he is unable to do it after trying, to ask for help. Sometimes, we feel abandoned and alone because we do not have the proper support system in place. Support systems keep you lifted up, continue to help you achieve your goals, help you conquer your goals, and help you to celebrate your victories.

Your support system can help you avoid certain pitfalls, and manuever difficult challenges that come along. You’ve heard the phrase that, “No man is an island” all that phrase signifies that it is lonely trying to do everything on your own.

We  must learn to allow people to help us reach our goals, change our mindset, and support us in some of the most difficult of times.

I am definitely grateful, for those that helped me when my son was in the Neonatal Intensive Care Unit. I had to learn to allow people to help me, I had to deal with my emotions, and trust God throughout the process.

Asking for help is the best sign of strength because it takes selflessness, courage, and bravery to allow others to support us at our most vulnerable moments. Help should not be an unspoken language in our communities, and it should not be abused or misused but used as a support mechanism to aid each other in our lives journey.

Help means that we are in this together.

There is something in our humanity that wants to help one another, yet our distrust has caused there to be a separation, and I believe that if our homes, community, and lives are going to get better, we have to learn how to better support one another.

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