Is perception hurting your business?

Perception is not everything, but it does influence behavior.

Every organization has a character which holds a certain perception, and all businesses need “Business Character Training” which is a way to help them combat the misconceptions and fortify their brand image, increase customer retention, and have a consistent flow of profitable revenue. What does your business character look like? Are you losing customers? If so, how are you plugging up the holes within your organization. Has your revenue taken a dive in the wrong direction? If so, do you know where the leakage is in your organization? DeepLaunch is here to help you discover the holes and leakage. DeepLaunch is all about helping you build a better organization.

In a lot of cases businesses are feeling the affects of changing perceptions. Perception effects customer loyalty, brand image, and impacts revenue. Maybe a month or so ago, I went to a popular Italian restaurant with a friend, and while at the restaurant we ordered the spinach dip as an appetizer. The appetizer looked good but it was disgusting. The waiter came to the table and asked “How was your appetizer?” we politely told her that we had tried to add salt and pepper, to make it more appeasing but it did not make the dish any better. The waitress replied “I knew it was not good, but I can not relay that to customers.”

After we had eaten our entrees, and proceeded to pay our bills, it appeared as if our dissatisfaction with the dish went unnoticed. The waitress did not offer to remove the appetizer, or bring the issue to the attention of the manager. While, I understand the waitress’ dilemma I could not help to wonder, if there was something she could have done, versus bringing us a dish she knew did not taste that well. Could she have given us different options, or provided us with a sample? Could she have recommended something similar that was more appeasing?

Even if there were no other options, it seemed as if the waitress was powerless to rectify the situation. However the perception that we left with, is that are concerns were not heard, and that the business itself did not care about our overall satisfaction. Sadly, the business does not know that perception may influenced behavior causing them  to lose a valued customer. It may seem minimal in nature, but today consumers have so many options, and in order for businesses to continue to excel; they have to be willing to combat some of the deadly perceptions hurting their business.

Sometimes the perception on the outside is not the only thing affecting the business, it’s also the perception in regards to how they treat their employees, their systems, processes, and internal structure. There are just some businesses I choice not to do business with because I’ve seen how they mild-mannerly serviced their customers with no regard to their needs or wants.

Business owners don’t just hang values on your office wall, make sure that those values are echoed and demonstrated throughout your organization.

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