There are definitely times when our arms get weak, and knees get feeble, or we become injured. It’s in those times that God carries us.

We serve a gracious God who is plentiful in mercy who will carry us. He bares the burden of the weight. He takes upon himself the weight. He carries us. He is a good shepherd who mends, attends, protects, and carries us. Years ago I strugged to remain hopeful in Faith, and this song was birthed in my heart.

I wrote this song entitled “You Carried Me” shared below:

Somehow while running this race I ended up with fractured faith.Lost my joy, lost my way, didn’t think I could make it through. My days were dark and my nights were long, I prayed and I prayed, but there seemed to be nothing but a silent return. Just when I thought it was over, just when I thought I couldn’t breakthrough you came along and carried me carried me through the storm.

The truth of your word dispelled all darkness,shined the light. You replenished my joy and reignited my faith. You Carried me through the storm.

I’m eternally grateful, for all that you brought me through, my heart is filled with perpetual praise cause you carried me through the storm.

Some made it through the flood, some made it through the rain…does not matter how we made, we made it because you carried us through the storm. You Carried us when it seemed hopeless, and fear tried to overtake us. You Carried us when our strength was weak, you saw our needs even when we could not see a way out. You Carried us through. So glad you carried me. I’m eternally grateful for all you brought me through, cause you carried me through the storm. I am so so grateful. So so so grateful, that you carried me. So Grateful that you love me. So Grateful that you never leave me. So Grateful that you walk with me. Grateful that there are times when you carry me. So thankful for your love and grace.”

He is a good shepherd, he laid down his life, so we could live abundantly. He gave so that we could live in peace without shame, guilt, and regret.

My heart is full of thanksgiving and gratitude. How has he carried you?


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