Why does your heart weep? Does your heart weep? Is your heart agonizing over the atrocities that are going on locally, nationally, and worldwide?

Sometimes my heart is heavy for those near and far. There is such disparity socially, economically, and politically. Where is justice? Is it asleep in our courthouses, does it still exist or are those that have power and influence too busy fattening their pockets, or manning their posts, or been so politically correct to really risk making a difference. Why are those, with influence sitting so quietly or maybe they are making noise but like noise makers the noise they are making is just an irritation without movement towards change?

It’s time for us all to wake up! Our communities are still suffering. In America you can work 40-hours a week, and still barely make ends meet. There are still millions without health insurance. The quality of medical care is still influenced, by the type of health plan. If you want your child to have a decent education, you have to live in a decent area, so you sacrifice, just to ensure that your child gets a better education. It’s sad but all so often; the quality of education differs from one zip code to another.  The disparity between different zip codes has created the “them versus us” mentality. We live in a culture where people lack connection. People crave connection, but remain disconnected by their suspicions.

What happened to our differences bringing us together? What happened to us understanding that at the center of it all, there is beauty in all of our humanity? When did we start enabling our own destruction?

It is not love, to watch as someone else’s life falls into ruin. It is not love, to put the very thing that is killing them, in their hands. It is not love, to propagate a lie, to avoid the discomfort of delivering truth.  When did we care more about the agenda, then we do about the people? Oh how, my heart weeps! It weeps for our division that is the ultimate destroyer among us.

Division isolates us, and makes us feel unsafe and alone. Division causes us to feel misunderstood, and look for solace in dangerous places. It does not make sense to find more solace in a gang, then in your own home. It is unhealthy to barricade yourself, to the confines of a chat room. Our desire for connection and acceptance, has led to an identity crisis, and it has enlarged the feelings of emptiness and fueled an appetite to snapchat, tweet, and post in an effort to get the most likes.

While I am here, I will enjoy some of lives’ sweet rewards. Yet, deep within my soul knows that this is not an eternal home. As I weep, my soul longs for a better home. There is a part of me that weeps still for those near and far. My hands reach up, in an effort to grasp the distant star. Oh how I weep! While I am here, allow me to be a voice of reason. Allow me to resound the truth alarm! Allow me to live in faith and not fear. Yet again, my heart still weeps! There are times when our heart must weep, so that change can be initiated all throughout. Again, I ask what does your heart weep for?

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