The moment you were born, purpose was breathed into you.

Sometimes we are searching or seeking out life’s meaning, when purpose can only be found deep within. It’s the dream, idea, or mission that has been birthed into your heart, that never leaves you. It’s the compassion you have that confounds, and moves you in agony to help those that are hurting, brokenhearted, and seemingly discarded. It the desire you have to share and help others.

When God breathed into man he become a living soul, desiring to know and commune with his creator, desiring to know the creator in close communion.

Genesis 2:7

And the Lord God formed man of the dust of the ground, and breathed into his nostrils the breath of life; and man became a living soul.

The meaning we search for has been breathed within us, it begins with a quest to understand why we were born, and what were we born to do. Everyone wants to do something great, but what if our greatness is just to serve others in a greater capacity.

Our capacity can be limited by what we think.

My son who is two, does not understand his limitations, and he is relentless in his pursuit of having his way. Even, if we say “no” it does not stop or deter him from pursuing his request.  He does not see limitations, and to him their is no capacity. Have you reached your capacity?

I do not believe capacity is limitless, but I do believe that we can limit or own capacity by allowing caps to be placed upon us by our peers, society, age, or even our experiences.

Sometimes our thoughts prevent us from pursuing a better or more meaningful life.

Most often, we run after purpose instead of tapping into the purpose within us, and looking at the sum of our life and utilizing what has already been given to us.

There is purpose in you, and that purpose is bigger than you and the gathering of heaps of stuff. Your purpose is to be shared with the world. We all can contribute to the betterment of our society. Do not waste the purpose you have been given, by nurturing pessimism and sitting idly by, as if your contributions, and attributes can not make a difference. We all have a sphere of influence, and is up to us to be a beaming lighthouse, in the face of obscurity, injustice, societal hostility, and political conflicts.

God’s spirit lives on the inside of us, and that same sacrificial love is in us, and the highest call is to serve with humility and grace, to reflect his love, and win the lost. This is not a vow of poverty, but unselfish living, that pulls others up rather than beating them down. What has been birthed in your heart?

We have purpose on the inside of us, and once we answer the call that purpose brings more fulfillment to our life than anything else in our life.

Mark Twain said that the two most important days in our lives are: “The day we were born, and the day that we discover why.”

Do you know what you are called to do? Are you walking and living a life of purpose?

Search your heart, and you will find purpose.

There is purpose amidst a painful past, or a difficult present.

Life is on the inside of you. Do not allow your hope to fade or your purpose to dissipate. Use your pain to help others heal. Use your talent, to uplift and inspire others. Allow your gifts to serve others, and your life will blossom.

When we serve a higher purpose than our-selves, we experience favor and a great harvest of fruitfulness in our lives.


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