Goodness is all around us. A lot of times we have to look within ourselves to see that underneath the rubble and ruin, there is a beating heart full of life and hope.

Years ago, I went through depression. I found myself drowning with feelings of worthlessness. We had tried for a baby, and I felt worthless, and like a failure unable to conceive. In addition, I had just loss my eldest brother, and was very grief stricken. The denial of my own state, caused me to sum up my down days as just a phase. At a church service, it was prayer that woke me up from denial, and set me on the path of freedom.

I had to learn to love life again. I had to take a hard look at my predicament, and determine within myself was I going to receive freedom or reject freedom.

Sometimes we reject freedom, because we are afraid we can not do what freedom will require.

Prayer came to set me free, and I almost rejected it, because I was embrassed and ashamed of the state I was in.

Questions consumed me such as:

How did I get here?

What will other people think about me?

In these moments of confusion and uncertainty, I accepted where I was, so I could receive the freedom God had already prepared and granted to me. I prayed to understand how I get to this place, and discovered answers.  I take long walks, enjoyed the fresh breeze, spent time being still and quiet, spent time with my husband, pampered myself, and stopped fertility treatment.

There was so much, peace once I stopped trying to make things happen, and just really believed God could do what he had promised. Two miracles later, after six years of waiting we conceived two little boys Kaleb and Isaiah. They are a reflection and a fleshly manifestation of hope and promise. Throughout my experiences in life, I’ve learned that thanksgiving and gratefulness attract goodness.

We can not allow the sorrows of today, to rob us of the joy of our tomorrow.

We can choose to live in joy everyday, by intentionally seeking out the good in every situation, instead of wallowing in sorrow and disappointment. I’ve learned to take time for myself, and to make sure I do not just pour out but refuel. This is why, I am so passionate about empowering other career-minded professional women to grow and develop not only in their career, but in their personal lives.

I am passionate about helping people and businesses become better.

“As we become better, life gets better.”

We can “Love Life Today”, even without perfect circumstances. We learn to Love Life again, by looking for the good in every situation. When I decided to embrace the life I had, and not mourn over the life I did not have.

We can make daily decisions as to whether or not we will enjoy life.

I am currently working on a devotional, that gives inspiration and encourages women to Love Life Today. It provides very practical insight and encouragement.

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