I can recall a time, when I forgot to put fabric softener in the dryer, and put on a dress without realizing there was static. My dress was sticking to my skin, the dress kept rising up, it would not lay or flow right. It was so uncomfortable, and I just found myself tugging and pulling just trying to get it to lay right.

There are things that are sticking to us, that are not allowing us to flow freely in our life or even our business. Sometimes, it could be relationships, unhealthy habits, lack of preparation, or unclear vision as to where we want to go.

The definition of static is as follows:

Lacking in movement, action, or change, especially in a way viewed as undesirable or uninteresting.

I often ask this question, to potential clients, when sitting down with them in coaching sessions and many have difficulty answering this question which is ,”What Do You Want Your Life To Look Like?” Most often people may know how much money they want to make, what car they want to drive, or what kind of house they want to live in. However, most often they have small snapshots, but not holistic pictures of  what they want in their life.

Sometimes when there is static in our life, it prohibits us from really connecting with others, achieving our goals, and living with purpose.

What is preventing you from connecting your career with your passion? What is stopping you, or causing an interruption in your life? What are you afraid of? What is stunting the growth of your business, and preventing you from getting clients or customers? Maybe you have no problem getting clients, but your issue is retention? What is causing static in your personal life or business?

Static can sometimes be the things that come into your life to interrupt the peacefulness or clarity that you have fought so hard to maintain.

It is important to differentiate the good interruptions, from the bad interruptions that come into our life. Good interruptions, connect us with things that will bring us closer to our purpose. While bad interruptions take us further away from where we want to be and instead of assisting us in reaching our desired destination. Certain interruptions, distract us from pursuing, obtaining, or reaching our goals.

What is causing static in your life? The static could be that you lack clarity in regards to your goals in life? Because you are unclear, it causes you to travel down a road of abyss, that seems endless with no destination in sight.

Let me help you develop a personal development plan, a personal mission statement, or assist in reducing the static in your business. Leave your comments, or email me directly at harrisde165@gmail.com.

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