Who are you connected with? Do you have the right people in your life?

Sometimes the difference maker, is making the right connection.

Some jobs leave you drained while others leave you energized. Some people leave you drained, while other people constantly keep your flame ablaze. Some relationships leave you drained, while other relationships maximize your strengths. Some people are companions, while others are just passengers. You have to know how to identify your superchargers.

Everyone needs superchargers in their life, to help them breathe life into their dreams and birth their visions.

Sometimes as a business you have to go outside your of your circle, and forge relationships with other influencers. It is important to expand your reach, and push against your level of comfort.

How do you differentiate the superchargers from the drainers in your life?

If you are being drained, you must find a way to get rid of the drainage in your business or personal life. Have you ever had a running toilet that ran up the usage on your water bill causing it to be outrageously high?  This is similar in contrast, to the those that cause drainage in your business or personal life. Anything causing you to be drained, costs you an astronomical amount of money and time. How do connect with the superchargers? Don’t allow the fear of rejection, keep you from reaching out.

1. Be intentional about maximizing the quality of connections in your life or business.

2. Be open to listen to ideas, suggestions, and opinions that challenge your ideas of growth.

3. Be specific about where you are, and where you want to go.

Having the right connections, can be the difference maker you need to promote change in your business and personal life.

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