Earlier this week, I conducted a conference call, on the topic of “Power Moves” and wanted to share some of the discussion on this blog.

Power moves are all about strategic positioning, that gets you closer to fulfilling your personal and professional goals. In the game of chess, you can have the best strategy, but if it is poorly executed you will not conquer your component. What moves are you making to get you where you want to go, in either your career or business?

Here are somethings that I shared on the call:

  1. Step Out of Your Comfort Zone

“A comfort zone is the place of least resistance”

 Sometimes, getting out of our comfort zone requires radical change. Maybe you are not ready to bungee jump, but you need to start at least considering bungee jumping as an option. Bungee jumping is scary and possibly even frightening for those that are scared and terrified of heights.

Is what you currently doing getting you in position, to take your career or business to the next level?

Change does not have to be huge to be impactful. Gradually change implemented over time, can equate to sustainable growth.

Do you want quick growth or sustainable long-term growth?

2. Counteract Destructive Behaviors 

What behaviors are stifling your growth personally or professionally?

  • Procrastination 

We tell ourselves “I will do it next time or later.”


“Procrastination stunts progression”

If what you are putting off, is getting you further away from where you want to be and where you want to go; it is stunting progressive growth. What do you want your life to look like? 

  • Poor Attitude

We tell ourselves, “It will not happen for me, or my business because the market is already saturated or others are already doing what I am trying to do.”

Often times a “Poor Attitude” stems from an unhealthy environment that has grown into a weed, which has been allowed to fester. Weeds need to be pulled up from the root, so that they will not grow again. Certain mindsets have to be destroyed so more fruitful and productive mindsets can live and blossom. 

  • Poor Results 

“Somes times we allow the bad results, to overshadow the potential for good results.”

 We have accepted defeat based upon prior results, that did not turnout the way we hoped, anticipated, or wish.

This behavior may cause us to quit, right on the brink of the breakthrough.  

3. Be Diligent In Preparation

If a time capsule, catapulted you to your desired destination, would you be ready? You have to understand that “Preparation Meets Opportunity.” I was watching a Tedtalk a few weeks ago, and the speaker made a powerful statement, she said “Prepare For Where You Want To Be Before You Get There.” Be ready at all times and on the lookout for new opportunities.

Begin to see every interaction as an opportunity, and stay prepared because it may be the very move you need to get you closer to your business and career goals.

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