The love I have for you will never go away. These are the words that flood my mind, as the day of my oldest brothers’ birthday approaches. It has been almost seven years, since we lost him.

My heart is peaceful, but there is still a hole, due the absence of his physical presence. Yet there is also relief, in knowing, that there will be a reunion in heaven. My eyes are flooded as I remember our talks, your laugh, and your gentle-kindness. Joy and sorrow are sometimes not so distant cousins, and untamed emotions can be distorted by the grief of the heart. I find solace in the following scripture:

1 Thessalonians 4:13

And now, dear brothers and sisters, we want you to know what will happen to the believers who have died so you will not grieve like people who have no hope.

When I consider the deterioration of your frail form, my heart it is at ease knowing that your pain has ceased, and in a way healing has taken place. There is no more suffering for you to face, no need to watch you agonize in pain. There is now some relief, in knowing that despair in death may be misplaced. Death in itself has liberated you unto a better place, where tears dissipate and laughter is full of joy and grace. Yet, there is still a hole in my heart, because of your missing presence.

Quietly you transitioned in peace; you embraced your journey to a place of rest. You are loved brother, and so dearly missed. Every day, I rejoice in the memories we shared, and go on knowing that God has you wrapped in the bosom of his arms. We shall meet again, for my heart alone understands there is eternal hope. It’s irrefutable this hope, this assurance, this peace in my heart. I can see you dancing in the sun, the light you’ve shown will never fade.

With courage you answered the call, and without struggle fall asleep in the father’s arms. Its irrefutable this eternal hope that gives peace, in the face of loss, despair, and grief. Each day, I hope and rejoice in the memories imprinted on my heart. Brother, I will see you again!

Remembering you with joy and laughter is a choice to celebrate you, instead of living a life confounded by hopelessness.



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