Pascal_Bovet_2 Have you ever been so low on gas that you were close to running out? There is nothing more irritating than the unsettling feeling you get, when you are so close to empty. Feelings of anxiousness and uncertainty begin to plague your mind. Sometimes we live our life on fumes, barely getting by, barely making it, and on the edge of reason. We are slowly becoming depleted not understanding that the toxicity we cultivate is depleting us. Don’t continue to function on the fumes, don’t continue to live life on the edge, you must STOP and refuel. Locate a gas station, with sustaining and quality supply.  The gas station represents those things in your life that fill you up, and refuel your passion, and give you energy, and breathe life into you.

What is your gas station?

What are the things that fill your life with joy, excitement, meaning, and fulfillment?

Colossians 2:10

and in Him you have been made complete, and He is the head over all rule and authority;

God wants to provide true meaning to your life, and emptiness can only be filled by the one who sustains our soul. When we come to the end of ourselves, that is when faith begins.” 


If you continue to live on fumes, eventually you will run out, burnout, and breakdown. Don’t wait until the gas runs out to refuel. Continue to monitor and check your gas levels. Stay refueled. Allow God to continue to fill your cup. If your heart is overwhelmed, God wants to give you living water.

Empty out of yourself, so that God can pour in more peace, more joy, and more rest into your life. He invites us to come and be refueled.

He fills our life with so much joy, and the joy is not predicated on our circumstances, but its the assurance that we have, that he is with us, and that everything we need is in him. He is our refugee and our strength, and we find the rest, direction, and guidance we need in him; once we come to the end our ourselves…stop and refuel. Live in the fullness of God’s grace, and don’t settle for living a life on fumes.

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