Sometimes, it is easy to take for granted the little things instead of embracing them while waiting for the fulfillment of promise, the dream, the big break. Pastor reminded me on Sunday that, “It’s the little things that make the big things worth the wait.” Recalling today some cherished moments.

Last week, me and my two year-old son Kaleb, walked around the neighborhood and he reached to hold my hand. He picked dandelions the kind, that have basically turned white and you blow on to make a wish.

It is those little moments that I cherish, when life gets hectic, it’s the simple pleasure of holding his hand and walking, and the sweet kiss on the cheek that my husband gives me as he hurries out the door. It is the little things, that I cherish and grasp hold of the most. It’s the whisper of God’s voice in my ear, saying “I am Here” its the little things that I cherish the most.

The smile from my baby who is six-months, Isaiah, when I feel tired and somewhat overwhelmed, it’s his smile that assures me that I can go on and encourages me to pushing a little harder, it’s definitely the little things that I cherish the most.

Cherished moments must be held close, to remind us to take joy in the simplicities of life. 

Debbie Harris, MBA, CLCS

DeepLaunch Consulting Agency, LLC

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